Friday, May 20, 2022

Undress an Ocean

Undress an ocean, foam to floor
Search through surf from aft to fore
Swim within, seek shore to shore
Open omens, dive through doors
Ask for answers, mine for more
Of an angelfish implore
Sift through shipwrecks lost in lore
Float from port to her starboard
Through all sea scrolls scour and pore
Peel back barnacles of yore
Wits end, listen, clues galore
Find your siren at its core

Which Wings

Which wings will I wear today?
Eagle, angel, insect, fae
Airplane over Half Moon Bay
Paul McCartney's band I play 
Liner on my eyes to say
I am Isis every day
Endless options, all a way
To lift up my light today

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Heart Shaped Saturn

My Saturn is heart shaped with hula hoop rings
In ombres of orchids and peony pinks
Like coconut cocktails and tropical drinks
It colors my karma and all that I think
A romantic rainbow that rockets through space
To decorate life like designs on a cake
Impress as a dress in a window display
To move as would tulle on a dance in ballet
Light up as do lyrics that lift from a page
Instructs to entrust, and I do as I age
Make beauty of business, find wonder in work
Choose words to soothe hurts and affirm all we're worth
See soul in each entity roaming this earth
For love is the lesson in my learning curve

Friday, May 13, 2022

Only Love

Been a bird who sings in trees
Cat who kills it leisurely 
Girl who swings from bars by knees
Business man in dirty deeds
Been both nectar and her bee
Given and been miserly 
Been a pharoah and a slave
On top and foundation laid
I have healed as I have slayed
Been at both ends of a blade
Loyal and I have betrayed
I know night as well as day
Lived through lives in many ways
Brings me where I am today
I have no more debt to pay
Only love to give and take 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

E Bunny

I'm an Energizer Bunny
Pepto Bismol pink and funny
Bright and shiny, smart and sunny
Give me ten, I'll make it twenty
Charge in stars and guitars strumming 
Tantric trance and rhythmic drumming 
Bodies buzzing, currents humming
Riding lightning, sparking something
Starting hearts in need of jumping
Turn me on, I'll keep on coming

Hi Spider

Spider doing jumping jacks
8 eyes and you don't look back
That's not how you kill and catch
Neither how you find your match
Rather you see shades of light
Angel in your line of sight
Weave her in your web of life
Build it big and twice as bright

Sunday, May 8, 2022

On Earth

Leave the house in which I wait
I dance through my garden gate 
Oscillate and undulate 
Shimmy from this stalemate
Lay beneath our sky and say
Heaven, how's my lion today?
Dialing stars as darkness falls
Solar system soulmate call
I hit 1-800-HOME
He answers his telephone
Down a weeping willow tree
Goes through grass and up to me
All I feel is love and peace
Send him same into the breeze
Softly smile and fall asleep
Wakened with a hypnic jerk
I hear how to make this work
Would you like to meet on Earth?
Speak to him in your artwork

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

My Business

Others may settle and for them that's fine
I will, however, be having what's mine
I've stepped off of cycles and untied what binds
There's no one who'll meddle, I've made up my mind
I know where to find it and how to allign
And who I'm to answer to all of the time
I honor my instincts and follow all signs
I keep my wings up and I walk a straight line
Because it's my business to win this lifetime

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Fire and Fly

You light a fire and fly away
Around your sound, against my face
To burn and turn my heart in place
I fan your flames and feed your blaze
A trick, is this how to behave?
Invite you might a miss to stay
To warm her hands by this display 
A kiss, I wish, to thaw these days
Consoled from cold and icy age
Foretold, behold, at glacial pace
My fire, burn higher beside your ace

Monday, May 2, 2022

Moon Balloon

Friends then, back when, and inbetween 
A moon balloon on tin can strings
Between two interstellar beings
I write in rhyme, she speaks and sings
Venusians, Grecians, matching wings
Egyptian pensions, karmic queens
Inside your heart, behind the scenes
Intuits, druids, well esteemed
Both 4's, what for - what does that mean?
We're slowly building better things

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Isn't I

Will they wait until they're dead 
In my room at foot of bed
Saying sorry, we've misread
All you've written, what you've said
We have spit on you in life
Spoken words which were not nice
Called you crazy, criticized 
Cast you out and watched you writhe
This is hard for me, no lie
It is painful, angels, why?
Irrespective, isn't I
Who won't love until I die

Cool Cat

Godsmacked, bitch slapped
Held back - why's that?
Did you think that you could do that?
Did I tell you I'm a cool cat?
Mars in Mufasa, moon in Scar
Black jaguar 
And you are?

Friday, April 22, 2022

It's Electric

On my stomach sunbathing 
Magic melting through my wings
To my fingers, out my rings
It's electric all I bring
Many moons I wish to stop
Wistfully watching ticking clocks
Feel as if I'll die and drop
Nevertheless, I do not
Tears that taste of salty sea
Is it close as I will be
Have I failed at certain themes
Should not be revisiting 
Still I will keep on scribing
It is what is asked of me

My Vitality

If you feel loved, will you love me
I'm losing my vitality
At least where giving is concerned 
I should've known, I have to learn 
To ask my share, to take my turn
Receive so that I don't get burned
It's hard for me to be so stern
When all I see is soul that yearns

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Brunette Bird

Brunette bird I've seldom seen
Dark like coffee without cream
Brown as ground where she's standing
Says to look up from my screen
That my soul is scrolling clean
From my body to their scheme
What all must you be missing 
Chasing meaning and your dream
When you can't control a thing
Stop and feel what you're wishing
State of grace to you this brings
Place of peace and more blessings 
Stay and play in present scenes

Scribe in Life

Pyramid or underground
Tomb of mine is not yet found 
Scribe in life this time around
Every gift which hits my crown
I'm inclined to write it down
Born of my primordial mound
In my labyrinth safe and sound
Walk not south nor round and round 
Orion, lion, be you bound

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Meant to Love

Do all your girls know Pluto tricks?
It seems you like a sneaky bitch
With which to quip and power trip
Must I be mean to ride your dick?
I've been there done that sort of bit
I'm trying to transmute this shit!
To be as free as phoenix is
No longer sting, nor strike, or hit
Just like a fish is no fun drugged 
A pincher bug's not cool to hug
Typhoon, and soon, let's rise above
Our water moons are meant to love

Once a Tree

Against my fence it feels to me
All this wood was once a tree
Again it will return to be
Just how it was originally 
What seems like a catastrophe 
Be chopped in blocks and burned to free
Turned into smoke in air we breath 
Into the ethers, out to sea
Should our source feel there's a need
Its back to soil and into seed
Takes root to rise majestically 
To serve on Earth respectfully 
The same is true of humans, we
Cannot destroy our energy


My ascendant on your moon
Will express what you cocoon
That's the beauty of Neptune
We may meet in any room
Dancehall dream or astral pool
Needn't speak, but would be cool
And while smoke signals are nice
Pack your bong in peanuts, rice
I'll forgo 5 cent advice
'Cause it does get cold on ice 

Meteor Shower

Venus evening, astral school
Healing in my heated pool
Steps of pearl and rhodonite
Floor of coral and opalite
Floating, luling, glowing white
Wait for you to sleep tonight
Bedtime, unwind, Mellow Mood
Lovers Lane does take you to
Meteor shower I share with you
Rub your head with star shampoo
Caress you down in diamond dew
Rain that came from blue Neptune
Pain and shame all melt into
Suds of love I scrub on you
Foam of home and glitter glue
Gently stick your soul onto
Mine in case you're feeling blue
Anything you want to do
Here in dreams and on Earth too 

Your Compass

Your majesties and highnesses
The skin you're in is stardustness
Take milky ways and rocky roads
Kiss plenty fish and many toads
Through retrogrades and in slow mo
I told you so's and horror shows
Look up, in luck! Your compass knows
True north is where you're meant to go

Monday, April 18, 2022

This Bridge

This bridge, a bit of contrasting 
A smidge of diffs and cockfighting 
Unnerves, but serves your verse to be
On track, walked back to talk to me
On par, not far from harmony
To modulate us both to peace
The sun, you run to homecoming 
My fun, to come by fairy wing
A kiss, chorus, and angels sing
Our song, how strong a melody