Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Next One

I found you in my reflection
Pulled you through in my direction
Out my mirror, into my bedroom
In my body, resurrection 
Damn, deny, perform deflection  
Call yourself the one exception 
There was never any question 
I was with you from conception 
And I'll see you in the next one

Monday, December 6, 2021

Favorite Human

Air and ocean in his eye
Earth in motion deep inside
Fire that's fixed and paralyzed
Heart that's red and realized
Hair that blows from skull to sky
Smile that's white and open wide
Frame that's lean and dignified
Hands that heal and beautify
Mind that's vast and wonders why
Dreams that seep from other side
Walking west life after life
He's my favorite human guy

Friday, December 3, 2021

3 Lives

Fool looks at the finger that points at the sky
There are bigger pictures and fishes to fry
Complete all the karma you carry inside
The theme that is following you through 3 lives
You failed to do so by each time you died
And now your moon begs you to roll with her tide
The south node you're trying so hard to disguise
The picture you've painted for all those outside
The life you've concocted for them that's contrived
So pretty but they aren't who pays for these lies
Your Saturn suggests you relent and comply
And he sent my Mercury with to imply

Hey Chickadee

Hey chickadee 
Hair black as me
Eyes glass like bead
What do they see?
Hang gliding guy
Sky surfing spy
Know you that I
Do feel likewise

Good Morning Mushroom

Good morning icicle formed in the freeze
Air that exists in helix as I breathe
Good morning fog falling thick and heavy
Over my river and on my levee 
Good morning snail on my slippery concrete
Silver that sparkles and shines where you creep
Good morning mushrooms that house my fairy
Bending the blades of my grass as they weave
Good bye to panther, my moon, coyote
We will convene once again come this eve

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Side and Soul

I'm Isolde, you're Tristan
Dagda to my Morrigan
Otherworldly, understand 
I spend nights in Amsterdam 
In my astral brothel, and
Lay upon your heart my hand
Whisper in your ear my plan
To undo these wounds by man
Counter-clockwise chakra scan
Erase everything I can
Bring you back where you began
At my side and soul you stand

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Snake and Snail

Cat alerts me to a bird
Owl of wise and sacred word
I then turn and say to her
It's my wish from you to learn
Teach me how you know to fly
Take me with you to the sky
She says silly, you and I
Must respect our separate rides
You have chosen in this life
In this moment, at this time
To put your pink wings aside
And onto your limbs rely
Through these humans you were birthed
You have traded air for earth
Place your feet upon the dirt
Show our Source which you prefer
Walk this world with open eyes
Do not judge or criticize 
Make of snake and snail allies 
Take root in the soil and rise


Arrow piercing through a fish
I'm the centaur shooting it
I will catch this Neptune bitch
Then I'll see things clearly quick
He will flap and fall to earth
'Neath this Virgo sun I work
Have no fear, there is rebirth
My moon is a phoenix first
Into Hell and Heaven went
Brought back every element
Now I bottle and sell it
Actually, Jah does pay rent


Practice sensing energy
Cosmic electricity
Visualize a vibe and see
Bring it to the brain and think
Move it to your mouth and speak
Activate your soul and sing
Feel it in your body; Be
Manifest it in 3D

Somewhat Similar

Friend of feather, fin, and fur
Love of heather, pine, and myrrh 
Daughter dahlia, spice and herb
We are somewhat similar
Bride of black hole and blue moon
Wife of water and monsoon
Partner possum and raccoon
Reader palm and ancient rune
See in symbol and in sign
Between worlds and also lines
Well equipped in dark to find
With exalted state of mind
Bringing balance, being kind
Backward, forward, present time
Revolution number 9
In Vallhala now we dine

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turn or Take

Is it live or Memorex?
Crystal clear or more complex?
Are you happy or depressed?
Are you calm or are you stressed?
Will you flourish or infest?
Are you good or gag reflex?
Heaven-sent or hellish hex?
Curse my name or call me blessed?
Knife in back or to protect?
Are you bad or at your best?
Right for me or wrong like rest?
Friend or an antagonist?
On my side or just contest?
Will you clean or make a mess?
Help me out or be a pest?
Tear it down or build a nest?
Do you hide it or express?
In denial or address?
Steal from me or treasure chest?
Give or constantly request?
Are you low or high interest?
Are you wealth or credit debt?
Do you suck or manifest?
Are you open or repressed?
You encourage or oppress?
Show regard or disrespect?
Dare to dream or in regret?
Aloof or affectionate?
Speak your mind or make me guess?
Stand your ground or acquiesce?
Will you go forth or regress?
Stay behind or make progress?
Turn or take you on my quest?
Leave or let you in my bed?
Use my mind or muscle test?
We will see what my heart says