Tuesday, December 22, 2020

My Psychology

Psychics and astrology
These are my psychology 
I use them as therapy
Sometimes listen as I sleep
It's how I learned all I know
It is how I shift and grow 
Now I see he left me there
Gazing with my heartsick stare
I used all my energy
Sitting, waiting, and wishing
He didn't come back, you see
He did not return for me
I died there in that field
Old and gray and unfulfilled 
Brought him back here with Colleen
In my 12th house of unseen
He is but a lesson plan
I cannot control a man
I'm to make it on my own
I'm to be my only home
I'm complete all by myself
I create my life and wealth
Painful yes, okay, oh well
It's how I ascend from Hell

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