Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wish and Worth

Where is the moon today
How can I get away
Unhook things from my being
That are not what they seem
Distract, deplete, and drain
Cause me to look away
And in this bondage stay
What if I visualize
Paint pictures in the sky
And make Simha his eyes
Bring down what Zeus put there
Undo his Touji hair
I'll walk him back to Earth
Into his wish and worth
Rise from my catacomb
I will be coming home

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sarah's Song

Temporary distraction
Lead singer shenanigans
Egocentric musician
Latent alcoholism
Before you come at my friend
Deal with all your addictions
Speaking empty sentiments
Fearing all things intimate
Promises you did not keep
Back to shallow from the deep
You were not remotely hot
Now you are an afterthought
As you drink yourself to death
Know that Sarah did her best

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Light Up

God told me not to
Said he'd align you
I'm just to be cute
And do what I do
Empress, she attracts 
Emperor, he acts
Uranus, it reacts
Mars/Venus inact
Heart chakras light up
I am Queen of Cups
Step into North Node
Damn, what a long road

This War

Upper chakras
Reggae, rasta
Dance in rhythm 
Down, Beast System
Do me dirty
It won't hurt me
My soul is free 
I know, I see
Of God I'm from
With truth I come
In love I deal
With light I heal
My heart it feels 
This you can't steal
Red pill I took
Back I don't look
I strive, I reach
I learn, I teach
To sky, to sun
This war is won

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Love to Be

Pineapple and sugarcane
Technicolor summer rain
Tidal pools and lava caves
Steel guitar on breaking waves
Dragon fruit and lychee trees
Coconuts and coffee beans
Macadamia honey
Sober but I feel rummy
Tropic island healing me
This is where I love to be

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Celtic Tree Astrology

In ancient Celt astrology
I am a weeping willow tree
Like Brigid and Persephone 
From winter I am emerging 
My flowers they are remedies 
For bitterness and jealousy 
My wood into this world is weaved
In housing humans, fairies, bees
I'm beautiful, melancholy 
With bending limbs and lilting leaves
Well known for my intuity
I help you remember your dreams
Divining rods are made from me
My bark is used medicinally 
If removed from my roots I can
Regenerate and thrive on land
I'm flexible, resilient 
A lunar love for mortal men

Friday, June 4, 2021

Heartbroken Mermaid

Heartbroken mermaid
Greaser sans pomade  
Wandering Rite Aid
Oh well, it's okay
If I just believe that
Be good where I am at
Stop judging so harshly
'Cause my job's not artsy
He's not better than me
I'm wise to Let it Be
My essence is perfect
My time here is worth it
I'm where I can service
No big or small purpose 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Void of Course Moon

Void of course moon
I have lost my muse
Feel nothing, no more
And severed from Source 
What was all this for?
Why then was I born?
Does He hear me call?
No wonder we fall
This dense pea soup fog
This distance from God
It's not real, I know
An illusion, faux
But suffer so well
Exist in my hell
Still right where I fell
Will I Live to Tell?
Suspended in time
Between these two signs
I quiet my mind
And ask the divine