Friday, May 20, 2022

Undress an Ocean

Undress an ocean, foam to floor
Search through surf from aft to fore
Swim within, seek shore to shore
Open omens, dive through doors
Of the angelfish implore
Ask for answers, mine for more
Sift through shipwrecks lost in lore
Float from port to her starboard
Through all sea scrolls scour and pore
Peel back barnacles of yore
Wits end, listen, clues galore
Find your siren at its core

Which Wings

Which wings will I wear today?
Eagle, angel, insect, fae
Airplane over Half Moon Bay
Paul McCartney's band I play 
Liner on my eyes to say
I am Isis every day
Endless options, each a way
To lift up my light today

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Heart Shaped Saturn

My Saturn is heart shaped with hula hoop rings
In ombres of orchids and peony pinks
Like coconut cocktails and tropical drinks
It colors my karma and all that I think
A romantic rainbow that rockets through space
To decorate life like designs on a cake
Impress as a dress in a window display
To move as would tulle on a dance in ballet
Light up as do lyrics that lift from a page
Instructs to entrust, and I do as I age
Make beauty of business, find wonder in work
Choose words to soothe hurts and affirm all we're worth
See soul in each entity roaming this earth
For love is the lesson in my learning curve

Friday, May 13, 2022

Only Love

Been a bird who sings in trees
Cat who kills it leisurely 
Girl who swings from bars by knees
Business man in dirty deeds
Been both nectar and her bee
Given and been miserly 
Been a pharoah and a slave
On top and foundation laid
I have healed as I have slayed
Been at both ends of a blade
Loyal and I have betrayed
I know night as well as day
Lived through lives in many ways
Brings me where I am today
I have no more debt to pay
Only love to give and take 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

E Bunny

I'm an Energizer Bunny
Pepto Bismol pink and funny
Bright and shiny, smart and sunny
Give me ten, I'll make it twenty
Charge in stars and guitars strumming 
Tantric trance and rhythmic drumming 
Bodies buzzing, currents humming
Riding lightning, sparking something
Starting hearts in need of jumping
Turn me on, I'll keep on coming

Hi Spider

Spider doing jumping jacks
8 eyes and you don't look back
That's not how you kill and catch
Neither how you find your match
Rather you see shades of light
Angel in your line of sight
Weave her in your web of life
Build it big and twice as bright

Sunday, May 8, 2022

On Earth

Leave the house in which I wait
I dance through my garden gate 
Oscillate and undulate 
Shimmy from this stalemate
Lay beneath our sky and say
Heaven, how's my lion today?
Dialing stars as darkness falls
Solar system soulmate call
I hit 1-800-HOME
He answers his telephone
Down a weeping willow tree
Goes through grass and up to me
All I feel is love and peace
Send him same into the breeze
Softly smile and fall asleep
Wakened with a hypnic jerk
I hear how to make this work
Would you like to meet on Earth?
Speak to him in your artwork

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

My Business

Others may settle and for them that's fine
I will, however, be having what's mine
I've stepped off of cycles and untied what binds
There's no one who'll meddle, I've made up my mind
I know where to find it and how to allign
And who I'm to answer to all of the time
I honor my instincts and follow all signs
I keep my wings up and I walk a straight line
Because it's my business to win this lifetime

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Fire and Fly

You light a fire and fly away
Around your sound, against my face
To burn and turn my heart in place
I fan your flames and feed your blaze
A trick, is this how to behave?
Invite you might a miss to stay
To warm her hands by this display 
A kiss, I wish, to thaw these days
Consoled from cold and icy age
Foretold, behold, at glacial pace
My fire, burn higher beside your ace

Monday, May 2, 2022

Moon Balloon

Friends then, back when, and inbetween 
A moon balloon on tin can strings
Between two interstellar beings
I write in rhyme, she speaks and sings
Venusians, Grecians, matching wings
Egyptian pensions, karmic queens
Inside your heart, behind the scenes
Intuits, druids, well esteemed
Both 4's, what for - what does that mean?
We're slowly building better things

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Isn't I

Will they wait until they're dead 
In my room at foot of bed
Saying sorry, we've misread
All you've written, what you've said
We have spit on you in life
Spoken words which were not nice
Called you crazy, criticized 
Cast you out and watched you writhe
This is hard for me, no lie
It is painful, angels, why?
Irrespective, isn't I
Who won't love until I die

Cool Cat

Godsmacked, bitch slapped
Held back - why's that?
Did you think that you could do that?
Did I tell you I'm a cool cat?
Mars in Mufasa, moon in Scar
Black jaguar 
And you are?

Friday, April 22, 2022

It's Electric

On my stomach sunbathing 
Magic melting through my wings
To my fingers, out my rings
It's electric all I bring
Many moons I wish to stop
Wistfully watching ticking clocks
Feel as if I'll die and drop
Nevertheless, I do not
Tears that taste of salty sea
Is it close as I will be
Have I failed at certain themes
Should not be revisiting 
Still I will keep on scribing
It is what is asked of me

My Vitality

If you feel loved, will you love me
I'm losing my vitality
At least where giving is concerned 
I should've known, I have to learn 
To ask my share, to take my turn
Receive so that I don't get burned
It's hard for me to be so stern
When all I see is soul that yearns

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Brunette Bird

Brunette bird I've seldom seen
Dark like coffee without cream
Brown as ground where she's standing
Says to look up from my screen
That my soul is scrolling clean
From my body to their scheme
What all must you be missing 
Chasing meaning and your dream
When you can't control a thing
Stop and feel what you're wishing
State of grace to you this brings
Place of peace and more blessings 
Stay and play in present scenes

Scribe in Life

Pyramid or underground
Tomb of mine is not yet found 
Scribe in life this time around
Every gift which hits my crown
I'm inclined to write it down
Born of my primordial mound
In my labyrinth safe and sound
Walk not south nor round and round 
Orion, lion, be you bound

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Meant to Love

Do all your girls know Pluto tricks?
It seems you like a sneaky bitch
With which to quip and power trip
Must I be mean to ride your dick?
I've been there done that sort of bit
I'm trying to transmute this shit!
To be as free as phoenix is
No longer sting, nor strike, or hit
Just like a fish is no fun drugged 
A pincher bug's not cool to hug
Typhoon, and soon, let's rise above
Our water moons are meant to love

Once a Tree

Against my fence it feels to me
All this wood was once a tree
Again it will return to be
Just how it was originally 
What seems like a catastrophe 
Be chopped in blocks and burned to free
Turned into smoke in air we breath 
Into the ethers, out to sea
Should our source feel there's a need
Its back to soil and into seed
Takes root to rise majestically 
To serve on Earth respectfully 
The same is true of humans, we
Cannot destroy our energy


My ascendant on your moon
Will express what you cocoon
That's the beauty of Neptune
We may meet in any room
Dancehall dream or astral pool
Needn't speak, but would be cool
And while smoke signals are nice
Pack your bong in peanuts, rice
I'll forgo 5 cent advice
'Cause it does get cold on ice 

Meteor Shower

Venus evening, astral school
Healing in my heated pool
Steps of pearl and rhodonite
Floor of coral and opalite
Floating, luling, glowing white
Wait for you to sleep tonight
Bedtime, unwind, Mellow Mood
Lovers Lane does take you to
Meteor shower I share with you
Rub your head with star shampoo
Caress you down in diamond dew
Rain that came from blue Neptune
Pain and shame all melt into
Suds of love I scrub on you
Foam of home and glitter glue
Gently stick your soul onto
Mine in case you're feeling blue
Anything you want to do
Here in dreams and on Earth too 

Your Compass

Your majesties and highnesses
The skin you're in is stardustness
Take milky ways and rocky roads
Kiss plenty fish and many toads
Through retrogrades and in slow mo
I told you so's and horror shows
Look up, in luck! Your compass knows
True north is where you're meant to go

Monday, April 18, 2022

This Bridge

This bridge, a bit of contrasting 
A smidge of diffs and cockfighting 
Unnerves, but serves your verse to be
On track, walked back to talk to me
On par, not far from harmony
To modulate us both to peace
The sun, you run to homecoming 
My fun, to come by fairy wing
A kiss, chorus, and angels sing
Our song, how strong a melody

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Kill

Do you like to watch me write
Wonder where I get insight
Did it give you such a fright
That you backed away despite 
What you felt upon first sight
Do you know I feel that too
'Bout the music made by you
And the things that you can do
In your smiling styling mood
'Cause when I pick up my uke
I'm an incompetent boob
But I think we're equals still
At our own respective skills
With your might and with my will
We could go in for the kill

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Sky

What must transpire up in the sky
Which clouds must kiss as you pass by
Then part, impart stars in your eyes
And raise your rocket hard and high 
Which planets manage to untie
Unbuckle belt and unzip fly
Which disconnect must lightning fry
To fuse your fingers to my thigh
What rain explains that you're the guy
To mount my asteroid and ride

Friday, April 15, 2022

Human Art

Born beneath a waning moon
Introspectively he's tuned
Careful with the words he'll choose
Mercury's reversed to soothe
Fire for miles provides us light
Here to lead with love, not fight
Blended, splendid, nothing wrong
Perfect painting, sweetest song
Heaven's singing, ringing gong
Human art so hearts turn on

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Think of Me

Island on the east
Virgo by the sea 
Very lovely lead
Guitarist, technically 
Against authority
Yet went military
I did similarly
A Pluto problem we've 
In common obviously 
From planet Mercury
We came here karmically 
Equipped with OCD
And shared mentalities 
This leads me to believe 
He may still think of me
Perhaps I'll someday see

Pets in Step

Christ light inside fur, key codes within purrs
My friends I depend on are nice when some weren't
It's love without limits from them I have learnt
A balm on the blisters from others that burnt
A pet is in step with its purpose on Earth
To service its person and tend to his turf
From children to women and men who mature
They heal us and steer from what's wrong or reverse
Away from vibrations that harm us and hurt
Respect to protectors selected to serve

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Some Squirrels

A rodent untied
Some squirrels can fly
Unburdened and learning to look to the sky
Stay down in a sty
My darling dear, why?
I'll use all I know so I'll grow and take flight
This isn't goodbye 
It's letting in light
Expand and command all we can from this life

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Earth

Can't feel me in her
In chocolate liqueur 
Through wine at dessert
Nor rooms full of skirts
Where family may fail
And lovers can bail
As friendships set sail
Should your sunlight pale
Beneath you from birth
Find me in the earth

Monday, April 11, 2022

Course Correct

Two eyes to inspect
A third for in depth
One moon to detect
Burn down, resurrect
Stand still to reflect
Apply intellect
Resume, redirect
Face north and turn left
Walk west, course correct

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Married to the Sea

Once upon an ocean floor
Ship slips off its standing moor
Sonar ghosts and sirens score
Underwater lovers lore
Sailor succumbs into storm
Sucked in, stuck with marlin's sword
Spirals miles downward shore
Drinks in, sinks when can't endure
Oh no, Brizo feels him go
Swiftly swims to him below
Lips to his and breath she blows
Life despite his death bestowed
Terms, in turn, forever keep 
Loyal deity and deep
Stay at bay and always be
Married to the sea and she

Saturday, April 9, 2022


Shaman songmen, wizard words
Lizard king of lesser serfs
Author doctor, where it hurts
Crystal being of higher hertz
Lover leather, LA girls
Whiskey mystic, cryptic pearls
Wisdom in him, astral earl
Scryer fire, smoke in curls
Rider storms and secret worlds
Druid, screw it, shuffled coil
End no, friends know, other door

Friday, April 8, 2022


From this tiny grain of sand
All that's left here of our land
By my heart and in my hand
You will shapeshift to my man
A key player in your band 
Singer, slinger arrows, and
Tracker bison, stallion, can
You call out my name and stand
At our throne per destined plan
You will dream and we shall dance

Drawing Salve

Drawing salve, calming mouth
Can I coax you from your shelf
May I kiss your chiron spell
Balm what burns and melt your hell
I am honest, I mean well
Nothing which to switch or sell
I may move through many routes
Pirouette away and pout
But it's love I'm all about
Have no fear and do not doubt
Cross my heart I'm holding out

Node Poem

A Scorpio and Taurus fight
From what's beneath to what's outright
Just like in Cancer/Capricorn 
One wants to climb, the other mourn 
The Gemini and Sag I see
One sticks around, the other flees 
Aquarius - humanity
That Leo lion wants to lead
A Virgo bird in thought like me
Opposes Pisces in her sea
What Libra preps and makes pretty
The Aries tears it down and seethes
Experience, astrology
Through nodes we grow, to learn is key

Sun & Moon

My back's to the sun so that he supports me
I've looked at him long enough, evidently 
Bit blinded by all of his bling and beauty
I mustn't forget that I shine as brightly
My moon on the waves of a lullaby sea
Is just as illuminating and pretty
The both of our bodies are complimentary 
So nothing shall separate what's meant to be

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Say Hey

It does not matter what they say
To lower vibes and lead astray
Nor who they screw in two and pay
To tell you what to do all day
This holds your power back at bay
And keeps you on a wheel encaged
Authentic is the only way
Your heart is where to start today
And if its wish is come and play
Then honor this and please say hey

Water Goddess

Water goddess, liquid hair
Made of moon and salty air
Waves that break and disappear 
Was she even standing there
Did you see through her insides
Were there whirlpools in her eyes
Is she ocean in disguise
Can you ride her rising tides
Does a siren mean you'll die
Why don't you give her a try


I'm 13/4, suggesting that
I misused work and words, perhaps
Was cruel and cold and on attack 
I left and let my heart collapse 
Relied on reason, logic, facts
A treason to my soul and track
Accomplished and yet sorely lacked
A love above, or near in fact
In tears, arrears, I'm here, I'm back
Regret, I'm wet, get ready, set
Let's go, I know, I'll clear this debt

Orange Friend

Orange friend, tiger kin
Furry guru guardian
Lion with her in their den
Fire next to her again
Light the way and warm her when
It gets hard to be human
One of Rachel's Aries men
Teach her reach and not give in
Keep her peace and heart open
Hendrix is her medicine

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Chauffeur me, I'll shelter you
Show me how you move and do
In return I'll bring you to
My insides and slide into
Homebase on a Field of Dreams
Isn't that the point of being?
On my way I'll be loving 
Help out who is suffering 
In our outfield I'm standing 
Open glove to sun who streams
My career, it means one thing
To my life my family bring

Sea Bells

Bells at sea, they call to me
Ringing melancholically
Singing, clinging chronically 
Come and save your sailor, he's 
Fretting, treading, cannot breathe 
Same as you and doesn't see
You are where he needs to be
Can I give him wings to sweep
Shipwreck ruin, piracy
If I walk in from my wheat
Will he move to me to meet
Equidistant and complete
Know he now that's all I seek

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Lion

How can you keep a lion small?
A jungle one who runs them all
Position him within your walls
To bend him to your beck and call
Ask him to acquiesce and crawl
Present as if he is your doll
Amiss, you wish, you were this tall
You hide behind his might and gall
My dear, your fear - he'll go AWOL
That is, just is, what will result

Symphony Cynthia

A Gemini moon, divinely communes
Musician physician is fixing with tunes
A Pisces positioned with fishes at school
She listens, envisions, and gives them the tools
Plays both by her heart and a Capricorn's rules
She seesaws from glaciers to southernmost pools
In style, with smiles in a Cayenne so cool
A symphony, Cynthia, angelic too
Give wings to her, sing for her, with every move
A classical, masterful, lightner of moods
She pretties the planet and brightens all rooms

Ley Lines

Key limes, ley lines
Looking north and walking mine
Reading charts in every sign
Emitting wit in pretty rhyme
Opening hearts with sparks that fly
In the dark alight in my
Kissing business booth at night
In your dreams and through my eyes
Til I find my favorite guy
Say aloha, hola, hi

Sunday, April 3, 2022


Calls for me from down the block
Stops me on the street to talk
Can't because he's been cock-blocked
Divinely, or on second thought
Spellwork from the side that's not
Blah blah blah & round and round
You're so pretty, glad I've found
A good girl to paint this town
I'm like okay, guess I'm down
Ask his name and stomping grounds
Something steps in, shuts him down
Enters through his open crown
Slack-jawed staring, not a sound
Finally he moves his mouth
That's a secret, says this clown
Sir, I like a good striptease
Power plays and mystery
Not with you though guy, puh-leaze
So I say goodbye and leave
I'll be here all night and week!
Are the final words he speaks
Mischief magic from a chief?
Gets to them but not to me
I'm above this malarkey 
Nor is it necessary 
I would give my love for free
(If it's to the dude I think)

Fool's Gold

Loved by the Sun like one Legend suggests
As articulated by homeboy from Yes
I'm down here in daisies and doing my best
To deal with the pyrite and fool's gold instead
How wonderful would it to be in his rays
The fire that ignited my Venusian ways
I'm spinning around him in our outer space
Whilst wishing he'd visit a Virgo to play
The angels above us and stars in our scape
They give us incentive and words we should say
I've promised to pen them to paper each day
'Cause center of universe - he's hard to shake

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Tim, Tim, hands that spin
Pretty Virgo, blonde and thin
Didn't want it, never meant
To have joined the club he's in
Wishes now to make amends
Seek another religion
One in which he's innocent 
As the children he defends
Because he was one of them
Wakes up to this news and then
Removed from this dimension 
Blame is on his addiction 
That is not the case, my friends
He asks that you please listen
Better days can still begin


Overcome with wanderlust 
Venus in the 9th and must
Move like Sagittarius 
Disappear into the dusk
Leave them longing in his dust
Not that he dislikes them, but
Feels the wheels will gather rust
On his life and magic bus
Love and travel are combust
He must meet a girl who just
Understands and earn her trust

Watched Pot

It's said a watched pot will not boil
A stared at snake shall not uncoil
A maiden here with soul of royal
Unto my path and purpose loyal
I've watered, daughtered, mothered soil
And to my tin man given oil
His heart a part of why I toil
What waits for me will not be foiled

Watch This

Imagine a Neptunian
Surrounded by good influence
And rather than go down in ruin
Would know there's nothing that she couldn't
Say and do and dream and wouldn't 
Lock her coffin, rot in wooden
Boxes, watch this, she'll eschew them
Chase a star into Jerusalem 
Align her kind through intuition 
See her soul through to fruition 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Every Word

Like a mother giving birth
May I beautify the earth
Honor fire, wind, and surf
Melody of mockingbird 
Every baby, lady, sir
Should they somehow be unsure
May I show them what they're worth
Bring them merriment and mirth
Spider, cider, whey and curd
May I share all I've procured
With my every single word
May I love and may I serve

Monday, March 28, 2022

Christina Contending

A seagoat ascending
A lion presenting
In front orienting 
Protecting, preventing 
An artist inventing
Inspiring, extending 
Supportive at friending
Forever, unending
She's never relenting 
Christina contending 

This Child

God give this child her wings
Lift her up above these things
These outrageous arrows, slings
Of misfortune life may bring
Swaddle her in serene scenes 
Send her sweet angels to sing
Show her all her might and means
Her blue skies of wiser beings
Help her fly to find her dreams 
God please give this child her wings

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Send her extra love and help
For the sun is in her 12th 
Despite inner whim and wealth
Amanda doesn't know herself 
Learns from Virgos, we who spell
Out her issues all too well
(Is there nothing we won't tell?)
Date of birth does not exist
3 of 4, she is a myth
Leap year princess with a wish
To traverse this earthy ish
Packaged in a Pisces fish
Swimming in our fish and chips
Surfing with a turfy dish
Listening to our bullet lists
It's how she will conquer this

Saturday, March 26, 2022


My father could fix you, he has a green thumb
I'm sorry I overly watered you some
I wanted to love you, 'cause you're #1
At making my place feel incredibly fun
Like I am Apollo and playing the sun
By smiling and shining upon everyone 
You pay me in petals with colors that run
And fill up the cracks in the breaking I've done
With fragrance and radiant styles that stun
I forget to worry and think of problems
Your presence's a lesson, a beautiful one
So thank you for taking my invitation

Water Way

Where there's water, there's a way
Gentle winds that swim and sway
Moon to move our moods and waves
Ships to sail and reeds to play
Sand on which to sit and lay
Dollars of them for to pay
Things with wings that bathe in bays
Seals and eels who've come to play
Sea urchin and undine fae
Shells held to your ear that say
They were home to crab and cray
Now they're here and on display
Blessed are we to share this day

Friday, March 25, 2022

Open Heart

Silver star and lily white
Replace my gate with pearly light
Scarlet sun and pink kunzite
Beautiful as you and bright
Neither fence nor sword in sight
Done defending, I invite
You into my world of might
Love is fuel and we don't fight
Knife each other or backbite
Words are cures and all I write
Speak and think and then recite
Filled with will to make it right
Clear as tears and like lucite
Open up my heart tonight

Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Fog

You close your heart and fog rolls in
I'm whipped by wicked northern winds
The ones of what it could have been
Our ocean's temperature descends
It seizes up my lungs and limbs
My eyes and whys, it covers them
I cannot feel to float nor swim
And neither do I want to then
I'm praying, saying make this end
But I keep washing up again

Moon in Me

A full moon in me
Insane basically 
Up on Mercury
So myopically
I've Too Much to Think
And not any peace
If I could just grieve 
I'd ship out to sea

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Quiet One

Watch out for the quiet one
A gently weeping coming sun
With something in the way he's done
Who shared his girl with one Clapton
The one who isn't Paul or John
Who tells you to keep moving on
Within so many words through song
Sweet on our Lord, don't get him wrong
A silent type is just as strong

Die Dreaming

I penned this when I was 14
It seems I said the following
Although she doesn't care for me
(Apparently, allegedly)
I miss my mom tremendously 
And any trace of sanity
How will I face humanity
Or fit into society
Is there a place for mermaiding
Will I find friends, a fairy king
So now I find it interesting 
I stood for nothing, settling
Aborting and abandoning
My drive to ever find these things
So midway through incarnating 
I choose to follow my own dreams
And if it nothing ever brings
We all die, and I'll go trying 


Be like water, swim with me
Shed your scales through alchemy
Spin your skin in hijiki 
Listen, wish in shells at sea
Speak directly to the breeze
Walk up stairs that wind to be
Guiding light through storms that beams
Both the lighthouse and the keep
You're the shore and shipwreckee 
Learn, in turn, you're rescuing 


Rainwater Jim, was my father's friend
I remember animals surrounding him
Kid goats in gardens, and peacocks in pens
They'd chase us and race us when visiting them
Just 42 when, Jim left here again
A part of his heart must have closed or broken
In heaven to mend, through showers he sends
His eccentric friendship and good-natured grin

Monday, March 14, 2022

Watch my Wings

In your chariot traveling 
Evening driving to your dream
When we're dancing, watch my wings
Don't clip them so I won't leave 
Bend them in so I'm not free
Remember why you wanted me
Lilith loved him before Eve
And she did it powerfully 

Meet your Mermaid

Ebb and flow, come and go
Elevate, expand, and grow
Soft and slow, melting snow
Ursula in undertow
Orinoco into know
Ocean of already so
Meet your mermaid Miss Cleo

Brown Bear

Brown bear
Virgo there 
Analyzing everywhere
Kind stare
Gentle air
Service to us shows he cares
Soft words
For this bird
Learn to laugh when life's not fair
Earth friend
From my wind
I come down to George's lair

Warlock Nick

My high school friend and warlock Nick
We're buddies, studying things mystic 
He's pulling cards for me, this chick
And puzzled when presented with
10 court cards up inside this bitch
"Where are the cups and wands with wicks?"
"The pentacles and swords that switch"
"I shuffled 45 minutes"
I put it to him here like this
I've mentioned that I'm majestic
I do not deal with plebs and pricks
But run with suns and goddesses
The news for you that's awesome is
You must be just as much as sick

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Spider Rival

All court cards in my Celtic cross
Half belong to my ex boss
Anubis, Horus, Atum, Thoth
Egyptian, slythrin, sexy god
Whomever that he was, we fought
I believe twas me who lost
Back again and in my thoughts  
Shows up sick as hell and hot 
Resist this power trip? I'm not
My spider, rival, I've been caught

Northern Warrior

Jigsaw puzzle, rubik's cube
Every color, many moods
Emperor with no clothes is blue
Choose your own adventure, boo
X&Y in outer space
We don't like what's commonplace 
Left or right, it's all rat race
Look up, put that sun on face
Northern warrior when you wake

Electric Angel

Electric angel, lightning wings
Gilded golden like he sings
Sitting still for centering 
Out back at it following 
Music from his heart healing
Sunshine from his eyes streaming
Copper colored Darjeeling 
Love at the first sight feeling
Air and fire reckoning 
Power from a pretty thing
Thank you for the light you bring

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Think Twice

1 bad Gemini
Low blow and low vibe
Stare dead in your eye
On blast and still lie
Talk fast to devise
Contrast and connive
6 side chicks, 2 wives
No heart and 9 lives
13 on his dice
Look hard and think twice 

A Lady

My bathtub is a cauldron
I am its magic spell
I think you think I tricked you in
But it was you who fell
You tripped on toads off shady roads
And went down witches wells
You've dealt with Celts and wily Welsh
Medieval torture modes
With gypsys, thieves, and tramps - not me 
I am a lady though

Check Out (and Leave)

Steady stream of obstacles
Blocks and stops and stubborn bulls
Lies disguised by criminals 
Eyes made blind behind their wool
Sucked in by magnetic pulls
Bullied into blackened holes
Tar pit traps for wayward souls
Here's the thing about them though
One is not required to stay
Nor give way to power plays
Hotel Californ-i-a
I check out and leave today

Friday, March 11, 2022

Cool Okay

When I wake I pray
That I make a sweet sensei 
Help a human being or stray 
Be a super sick soothsay
Light with shadow will I weigh 
Half a dozen vampires slay
Get Up, Stand Up, dance today
Write it in my opus, yay!
And before I sleep I say
In a karmic kind of way
That I met some debt with pay
So I think I'm cool, okay?

My Way

Pleiadian days, like Arabian Nights
I'm alien, sailing in, so out of sight
Within Purple Haze, the Overlook maze
Bewitching and boarding my bumblebee flight
I'm Ruffles not Lay's, a + on that A
Like Cadbury Eggs with the caramel inside
In Monterey Bay, at home with the ray
Egyptian and listening to Valkyries ride
So come out and play, don't get in my way
I'll finish it, end it bitch, TKO fight


A Thousand Clowns along my way
I've not a thing to do today
But smile, as Pauly Si would say
And send my love in seismic waves
I misconstrue and misbehave
Then fix mistakes and operate
Let's meet inside the park to play
To walk the dogs and roll in hay
Eat finger foods and fornicate
(Or maybe back at home, okay)
We'll kick it, picnic, play reggae 
With me, you've got the month of May

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Sponge Bath

Sponge bath, bubbles, ass
Long hair up in shower caps
Neptune nurse with lily pads
Rubber duckies on your abs
Tugboat flying flags full mast
Feelin fine and super fab
Diving deep and swimming laps
Eating me and Krusty Krab
Getting clean and coming fast
Stringing beads and singing bass
You're the one for me, it's fact

Dead Sea

My bath transforms to stormy seas
Beneath the bridge, Marin County
I walk it with the ghost of me
The one undone by everything 
She never knew and couldn't see
Beyond her brain's capacity 
For limiting and bad beliefs
The ones she sponged from others' speech
Their actions and their dirty deeds
She left her story incomplete 
Had given in to demon seeds
And those who prey upon the weak
Extinguish light with lies, deceit
I let her go, she isn't here
I cross and she has disappeared
By staring straight into my fear
I saw my source back in my mirror

Sit Still

Will you sit still with me
One moment, baby, please
Recline, relax, release
I mean no harm, believe 
No breach of boundaries
You're ever always free 
Of course I'd like the D
But more importantly 
I want for you to see
Your light and your beauty
In case you can't conceive 
I'll Show You, just like Biebs
You win, Monopoly

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Doing Donuts

I'm doing donuts
Round dullards in ruts
Like Slim with no fucks
I'm wild, and what?
They think that I'm nuts
I say it must suck
To stay down and stuck
And so I must cut
Peace out and good luck


My shitlist's in pencil, so never intact
Erase and Rewind and then add and subtract 
You'll be there on Monday, but then I'll redact
It's Friday and I'm Robert Smith on your ass
I'm moody on Tuesday with my Heart of Glass
But willing on Wednesday, it's all in the past 
On Thursday it's over, I'll never go back
And Saturday night is for fighting, attack!
So sorry, not sorry, it's just how I act
I'm Building a Mystery, ask Robert Stack


Hello, I love your golden eyes
It's like you've swallowed a sunrise
With yellow bees and butterflies
Then mixed with scrambled eggs inside
Banana splits and Pikachu
Perhaps it's why I'm fond of you
I like your smile and sweetness too
You're light and bright and super cute

Hey Joe

Hey Joe, to quote Jimi, you've stolen my bike
You ride it to hide and for fleeing from life
Your father, your job, and perhaps your new wife
And mostly from me 'cause you know I don't like
Avoidance of elephants, lies that are white
You ask me to lay off and give you a break
Well go buy a Kit Kat for God's fuckin sake
I'll never be formal if it's to be fake
And you're free to tell me to jump in a lake
I love it there anyway, water is great
Emotions are oceans of which we're the waves 
Just feel them, they're healing, and you'll be okay

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Baby Mage

Baby mage with all I need
Here to heal and born to lead
Soul with know and eyes that see
Made to love and magically
Told not so and disbelieved 
Pumped with poison, put to sleep
Had to beg and sit at feet
Cursed with words and gnashing teeth
Here's the deal and what relief 
I came down to Earth to teach
Found my way, my wings, the keys
Get out of my way, dillweeds

The Weather

Jess, a Capricorn 
One wondering why she's born
She's poring through her natal chart for why she's come to form
Was she a letter torn?
A dress that wasn't worn
Now Saturn's sent a stellium in her with which to warn
It's she who is the storm
Both wintry and warm
One weathering no matter what her way wishes to harm
A staple standing strong 
She's climbing up and on
From doe to goat of sea to sky whose life is right and long

Monday, March 7, 2022

Fire Alarm

Forest fire that guards my moon
Backdraft up against monsoon
Wave of flames outside my womb
Mustn't let me speak too soon
Give my love away to whom
Steals my cake, pops my balloon
Sinks a knife in my cocoon 
Stabs my heart and leaves the room
Bleeds me out inside my tomb
Does this do me good or harm?
Out of reach, at length of arm
Lonely Goetherd on her farm
Chicken dinner missing parm
What use are my wit and charm?
Trapped behind this fire alarm

Our Lilian

Live in the moment, our Lilian insists
For time is a crime that's designed to restrict
She's down here from Venus where Earth is a myth
A Libra to teach us the present's a gift
That planing is pandering to thieves and bandits
Control and cajoling by trolls and such twits
Her wish is to open our eyes up to this
To show us what truly is making us tick
That love is the stuff that does turn this planet
Bring beauty and balance and kindness to it

Sunday, March 6, 2022


Ferdinand and bumble bee
Beside his flowers, beneath his tree
In love with life and all beauty 
Who knows that very secretly
Inside his heart and underneath
He's bored with all the hierarchy 
With fighting and accomplishing
For matadors inside their rings 
Instead he'd like to come to me
A girl of his soul family
To whom he has been listening 
Whose learned to change her energy
To speak and issue boundaries
And clear her karmic balancing
My bull of grace and power too
Beware the ones who harness you
You'll do the work they want you to
And not what you came here to do

Saturday, March 5, 2022

My Message

Mermaid kisses, Pisces fishes
Neptune's net awash in wishes
Pearls in curls and tangled tresses
Sin with fins in seaweed dresses
Lure in men to depths and deathses
No, not I, no lie, not wretched 
Send your heart to sea, I'll fetch it
Bring your dream to me, I'll bless it
Share your darkest deeds, my precious 
Unbottle and read my message

Fully Formed

From Heaven in my rage I'm torn
Away from skies my stars adorn
Into this tiny human born
On fire with ire and lit with scorn
Still reeling, my last life I mourn
I've told my soul and to it sworn
I'd speak my piece and blow my horn
I'd finally harvest all this corn
No matter leech nor locust swarm
Resistance or electric storm
My gift is this and fully formed

Earth Odyssey

Earth to a Space Oddity
Join us on an odyssey
Por favor and pretty please
They could use your company
We will wipe your memory
Blend your friends and enemies
Foe within your family
With you they will not agree
Then send men who stoically 
Hide their hearts historically 
Use your skills accordingly
Planets and your poetry
Open them emotionally
Help us heal them, hopefully

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Angel Cake

Of asteroids from outer space
Entwined with vines that interlace
Combined with wine and angel cake
Inclined to shine and instigate
Perfected in God's Easy-Bake
With lovely lines and interface
Sent down from stars at Heaven's gate
I'm served with bird and wound with snake
On spitting fire and spinning plates
At home on domes and in earthquakes
Disguised in geysers and great lakes
I spin through wind on coastal capes
I'm everywhere and anyplace 

The Ticket

One cannot take from you
Internal revenue 
A wild west within
Step right on up and in
My ladies, gentlemen 
The ticket to attend
Dead-center, straight as pin
Bonanza, bullseye, win
It's you, that's who, the end

Two Birds, One Life

From killing men 
To healing them
A launching pad
A racer rad
Turned on myself 
God knows who else
Extreme, I know
Immensely so
I'll make it right
Two birds, one life
I'm sorry and
I'll make amends

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


I own a UFO, you know
It's dressed in sexy silver tone
Teflex impressed with ribbon bows
With lights lit up like lunar nodes
I take it nights to Tokyo
Tibet, Tawain, and Kokomo
Nepal, New York, and Mexico
To meet extra terrestrials
New friends, fun men, and other souls
Eat Dippin Dots and sloppy joes
Play Uno cards and read tarot
Jump hopscotch, rope, and rodeo
From Dusk till Dawn until I go
Back home to roam my capitol
I'll meet you day or evening, yo
Please be prepared to party though

The Dead

The dead in my head
Beside me in bed
Outside in my shed
Around me in web
I'm not scared, instead
I go where I'm led
I follow this thread
Record what they've said
Their word I then spread
Remix it, you've read
For this, I've been bred

Monday, February 28, 2022

Your Verse

A day that you seize 
It goes endlessly 
The show does not cease
It's on constantly
Long after you leave
Things grow from your seed
In life's poetry
What will your verse be?

By Heart

Got my Gwen Stefani bindi 
Walking in the sun like Cyndi
Out in space with Mork & Mindy
Inbetween like darling Wendy
In my garden, eat me/drink me
Lost at sea, in stars, completely 
Call on me by heart if need be
I'll be in my lamp with Genie

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Make Up

Against my self and soul - a crime
Of wasting talents of my mind
Avoiding truth, denying sign
Restricting signals from divine
My health in shambles and decline
From years in fear and on sidelines
For this I pay a fee and fine
I think exclusively in rhyme
Compelled to spell where I'm behind
To make up for this missing time 
My wish, just this: through it to find
My counterpart and kindred kind

Collective Conscious

This art that you appreciate
These artists you so celebrate
You sing along, pontificate
Lay back and watch what others make
Get drunk, and high, and medicate
Quote Kerouac and Willy Shakes
Write papers on how they're so great
Then mock me, send me side-eye hate
For veering off your boilerplate
Hello McFly, I can't relate
And I will give it to you straight
You ever stop to think - hey wait
Perhaps I can participate 
How do they come up with, create?
These gifts and talents you equate
With high IQ's and genius traits
The point where they originate
It's a collective conscious state
Expression is unique, innate
But we all have this access, mate
Turn on, tune in, for goodness sake


Unlock my heart-shaped garden gate
Collapse in coral bells and wait 
Into my tuberose escape
To heaven-scented sugarscapes
In this my mystic meadow place
I've made no messes nor mistakes
I've caused no harm or hearts to break
I'm given penance, pardon, grace
A smile is spreading 'cross my face
For when the winds stir me awake
I'm free as flowers as I caretake

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Matching Moons

My grandma Peggy
Born 1920
A Virgo like me
And matching moonsies
A Scot overseas
With hair like Lucy
To Texas, to see
What else there might be
Back in the forties
(I mean the nineteens)
A cowgirl from green
John Wayne with Maureen 
You find what you need?
I'll keep on looking 

Friday, February 25, 2022


Bobby the Iranian
Thought I was a lesbian
'Cause I wouldn't sleep with him
Stayed at home with pad & pen
Engineer and atheist 
Said I was the craziest
American that he'd witnessed
Analyst and anarchist 
True, I wasn't made for it
Up and left that damn office
Sealed with my ass to kiss
Like him, I go where I wish

Mr. Lotta

Chris's Father - Charles Lotta
Taught of Dot and bush koalas
Kangaroo and duckbill plata
Fairy bread and egg pavlova
Played us didge and said we gotta
Be authentic, always oughta
Spoke of music's healing powers
Poems and prose and pretty flowers
Asked of us we honor ours
And I do all day, each hour


Oh yes, you do!
A raincheck too
And I cash you


Neptunian, Shakespearean 
We've met inside our skies again
Musician and an alien
Astrologess and magician
Through sign and rhyme and time we bend
By birds and butterflies we send
On dragonflies and hyacinths
Near friends who feel we play pretend 
That we belong in looney bins
No matter, pay no mind to them
This is the way we find our kin

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Money Tree

Currency is energy
Value I do or don't see
Based on how abundantly 
I do view myself to be 
Blue as bells and Baltic Sea
Rich with gold intrinsically 
With or independently 
Treasure Island instantly 
I am my own money tree
Rainbow's end is inside me

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tornado Jo

Tornado Jo
An Aries, so
Upright, on fire, and onward ho
A yogi though
She'll Bend Down Low
At ease, with peace, in grace she goes
A chick in know
A witch with flow
Her moon of mist and melting snow
A burlesque show
She'll fight you, bro
Like me, she's free and with crossbow 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

My Back

It's funny you should mention that
That all we have is now, in fact
'Cause I just chose to interact
To switch trajectories and tracks
To edit defecits and lack
Call all my light and power back
Respond from love and not react
To fear and fragmenting and crap
Remember all I am and act
Accordingly and pronto, stat!
The universe does have my back

Her Bath

Do we think that Kristen Pfaff
That she just died in her bath
Do we really think that that's 
Not insulting, weird, or wack?
What if Whitney was on crack?
Mushrooms, catnip, caffeine, smack
No one drowns like that, asshat
Not her daughter either, ack

Monday, February 21, 2022

In Space

You'd like to put me in my place
To segregate by class and race
To chaos cause with horror and hate
To shoot me up and mask my face
Do you know who I am in space?
I'd lay your lizard ass to waste
Care neither for your church nor state
Your taxes, banks, and mortgage rates
Come at me with your tanks, your mace
I straight up shall evaporate 

That's Sweet

The same frequency 
Like two pretty leaves
From two different trees
I can't make you me
But why would you be?
Exist separately 
Yet similarly 
I think that that's sweet

Sunday, February 20, 2022


Unbothered by your Earth 3D
Despair and negativity
Nor shadows in my mirror I see
I'm warrior, empress, child: all three
You don't believe it? Come for me
Fantasia has no boundaries

Angel's Apprentice

Blue eyed and blonde fish
Angel's apprentice
Betrayed by a kin snitch
Geffen and grunge shit
Candle and cake wish
Burn out and blow this 
Left us a space witch
She's got your heart, kid

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Intuitive Astrology

Intuitive astrology
Your soul inside the stars I see
Allow an alien like me
To read you via poetry
Your planets transit beautifully
Around you in your galaxy
Let's do a dance of energy
Fill out this form posthastily

Friday, February 18, 2022

Alphabet Eve

Spaghettio sea
Like Chef Boyardee
Been you before she
But not after C
This alphabet eve
I swim and I see
ABC through Z
I move them and wee!
It spells U + me

Northern Nest

Misused, abused, confused, repressed
Turned over-sexed and under-dressed
Corrupted and it's been complex
Obscured in swords and cryptic text
Methodically is moving west
Across the sky as sun that sets
A lifelong lasting lunar trek
Into her moon and northern nest
And only then begins to rest

The Electricity

Pardon, All Apologies
Mars is making war with me
And he is Uranusy
Never one for nuance-y
What with all this Pluto, we
Blew the electricity
Siento mucho and scusi
I work in the dark, you see

Venus Neptune

Eyes wide, bright like skies blue on Neptune 
Tears glint, crystal tint, diamond rain
Cry wild with the waves on a monsoon 
Bring wind wet with whim to our plain
Lips bled, rose hip red, petals pleasing
Hum tunes, ancient runes, Venus hymn
Speak pink, drunk with drink, love is easy
Shipside, swallow pride, let me in

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Called to Act

Was I the perp, was I the ass?
The one who hurt you in the past 
Why do I feel so called to act?
What can I do to please this pact?
I only want my own Moroder
My own Vangelis or Schroeder 
Got my triangle, recorder
Backup dancer, your supporter
Why can't I knock this off, it's torture
Iron maiden, draw and quarter
Abort, abort, abort, aborter!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sister's Saturn

Sister's Saturn's my sun sign
Same as Libra fell in mine
Mercury in mirrored signs
Criticize v. speak in rhyme
What's it we were trying to find?
To be balanced and be kind?
Pick apart my Virgo mind
Peel away her Libra rind
Mars in Leo, we're bigtime 
Libra Venus, get in line

Monday, February 14, 2022

Of the Dust

Of the dust, by the wind, through his wings
To the tops of the trees where he's king
From the night, through the sun, to healing
He will make love of most anything 
From the nest, through the storm, past the sting
To our hearts, through our ears does he bring 
All the light, through his lungs, from his dreams
Here's a gift from the gods, he who sings

Sunday, February 13, 2022


What can I control today?
Who I serve per how I pray
What I think and therefore say
Where I go and how I play
Who I work with in what way
What I balance and repay
How I love and where I lay
I woke up and I'm okay

Monday, February 7, 2022


There's my dead boyfriend again
Here to see his human friend
Somewhere in his sunshine grin
His blue eyes and sky begin
Brings me birds by winter wind
Sends me psychic sex DMs
Someday when this lifetime ends
I will be your ghost girlfriend 
Meantime we do make amends
I love you so much, Ruxpin

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Hades' Hearse

Kissed by the universe 
Dropped off in Hades' hearse
Came here to kill a curse
Break Stuff like I'm Fred Durst
So Satan saw me first
Had me by heart and purse
You wonder why I'm terse
Back off, I've been through worse
Lived through Verse Chorus Verse
Beware, I bring rebirth

Sin Eater

A sin eater
Will not be her
It will not absolve your debt
I must leave here
Priest nor preacher
Matters not if you confess
Status seeker 
A good deeder
It will not outweigh the rest 
Trapper Keeper
The Grim Reaper
Time will take you regardless 

Your Yin

Hello humans, all you men
Do not disrespect your yin
What you call your Earth women
Lucky are you to have them
Supporting of all you do
Nurturing and kind to you
Beautiful to look at too
Portals who bring babies through 
Creative forces carry life
Birth it from the other sides
Be she stripper, stranger, wife
Treat her well if you are wise

Sacred Space

Good morning to Father Sun
Mother Earth and everyone 
Thank you for your foundation 
Energy and all you've done
Serpent spirit of the south
Shed what's dead and bring about
Changes from the inside out
Walk a newer nicer route
Panther, puma, western cat
Help me to remember that
I am where my power's at
Know this clearly, quickly act
Spirit of the hummingbird 
Flower-facing northerner
Help me always look upward 
Drink of beauty and nectar
Eagle spirit of the east 
Osprey, owl, and falcon beast
Show me all I cannot see
Point of view, perspective please
Create sacred space with me
I call and you're answering
Scale and fur and feathered wing
Let us do our best living

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Sea Scrolls

I put down my dreams on scrolls
From my heart and of my soul
Wax of scented sweet candles
Pretty script and witty poems
Tie them up in tiny rolls
Push them into pink bottles
Throw them to the sea and hope
To my sailor they will float 
Wash ashore beside his boat
End up in his captain coat
He will read all that I wrote
Magic and calligraphy 
This is how I speak my piece 
Love and oceanography 
All my dreams come back to me

Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo
On fire, of you
I kissed it and blew
You grew and you grew
You're not to be tamed
Restricted, restrained 
My wind fanned your flames 
I know, I'm the same
Can Venus meet Mars?
A warrior and heart
Two distinctive parts
Make beautiful art
Reciprocal stare
I'll meet you up there
On top, in the air
One powerful pair

Friday, February 4, 2022

Pluto's Request

At Pluto's request 
Your Saturn's in sex
In discord and death 
Upheaval, unrest
A serious test
Formidable quest
Control and obsess 
It's rebirth or wreck
May you wear it best

Thursday, February 3, 2022

A Nod

A nod to favorite artists
Of aughts and the eighties
To goddesses and godses
Across mythologies 
A call to where my heart is
In space and Pleiades 
A sign to sail a starship
On Neptune nights at sea
Do you know what your part is?
To feel your way to free
For me it'd be cathartic
If this could be achieved 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Color Cats

Can cats see in color?
Do they know what hue -
That my aura turns when I'm looking at you?
Can we see each other?
What color are you -
A radiant red or a beautiful blue?
I don't want another
Will you decide to -
Seek out Cinderella with her missing shoe?

Monday, January 31, 2022

A Frequency

Music is a frequency 
It is not the property 
Of a record company
Kicking me off my IG
They will never ever be
Owner of God's energy
Vampire piranha thieves 
(No offense to that fishy)
They hide behind artistry 
Never'd let them manage me
Not if I could play or sing
Into perpetuity?
Think I don't know what that means?
As if I need all that grief
I would keep my soul at peace