Friday, June 24, 2022

The Unseen

Victim of my empathy
In and out of entropy
Up and down a city street
Morph with every man I meet
Blend in women that I see
Feel their little children's needs
Hear all humans symphonies 
Would they rather I not read
See what they may never speak
Do they know this doesn't mean
I'm a juror judging things
I simply sense the unseen
And my hope is for healing

Love Lilo

I'm not sorry, Stitch
Because glitter sticks
And your pillowslip
Is lit up with this
So do get your fix
Of Route 66
Just don't you forget
Ohana is it
Love from Lilo, *kiss*

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Several Sides

In two pretty eyes
I sense several sides
A boy, alien
Alone, abandoned
I want to hold him
A powerful man
Electric, in band
He sizzles, he hums
Blows lights and eardrums
He whistles, I come
An addict - so, sick?
Me too, I can't quit
An egocentric
Mean and erratic
Is this dangerous?
I'm nobody's bitch
Once indigenous
Shamanic, psychic
Make so much magic
My own alchemist!
I think he's the shit
No one is perfect
(Including this chick)
And that's my verdict

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

His Music

The ultimate Gemini
How many in this guy?
Peasants of you and I
Royal he by birthright 
Symbolic end of life
Upright and in plain sight
Out through the inner light
Elevate up despite
Nothing compares to this
No corvette, cream, or kiss
All that he harnessed with
Blood, sugar, sex magic
Love is what truly sticks
Hear this in his music

Monday, June 20, 2022

This Exists

I throw fire off my fingers
I spin wind around my hips
I go higher for these zingers
Well before they hit my lips
I am wired with my stinger
Do no harm but take no shit
I'm a fighter for what for what lingers
All my ancestors had wished
I'm a scryer for my singer
I have piles of manuscripts
It is dire that my king here 
Understand why this exists

Friday, June 17, 2022

My Apologies

Saturn's in Libra, my apologies
A problem not pretty, it's to people please
To sacrifice balance and not meet my needs
A pattern that benefits neither party
If I come your way I will not be released
The last thing I need is to have this repeat
I've done it in 3 recent lifetimes at least
May I make this clear and shall it help you see
My dharma depends on me not taking lead

Wake not Once

Drift not dormant dead in night
Sleep not sideways sick through life
Build not base on fractured lines
Place not faith in space and time
Dig not deep in diamond mines
Take not face of value sign
Be not blinded on this ride
Seek no solice in this lie
Wake not only once you die
God is not on the outside 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Angst and Ametrine

All my angst and ametrine
It's like Emperor Palpatine 
Princess of too much thinking
Like Michael I want to Scream
I must realign my being
Inspire in spirit means
Start with heart where Heaven streams
Mind is for organizing
Body is to be loving
This is how we're building things
Energy is everything
Life is merely but a dream

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Stand Still

Cats and dogs around in rhyme 
Brain became a blur to bind
Too much torment, all my time
Ferment into prison wine
Girl Stand Still and quiet mind
Break not butterfly of mine
Wheel of fortune, zodiac
Tortured feel of being back
Muddled metal, burnt and black 
Mustn't let it come to that

Monday, June 13, 2022

Justin's Angel

Heaven hum a holy hymn
Halo hover over him
Feathers ever cover him
Justin's angel mothers him
When the dark discovered him
Snakes and ladders settled in
Hope to share his heart so bent
Dream to sing turned to torment 
Suckered into but a scam
Horizontal hologram
Purpose not as was his plan
Minus light we're only man
Love from divine feminine 
She is here and holding him
No matter where he has been
Here he's healed and whole again

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

As Aziza

Flame within a water world
Phoenix from a pretty pearl
Shedding scales as tail unfurls
Growing into her own girl
Father figure of the sea
Triton wishes differently
Wants her under lock and key
Still she burns and learns to see
No one has the power but she
Fire fairy flies to trees
She transforms entirely
Leads with light and lovingly 
As Aziza's meant to be

Holy Love

Anima and animus
Show me what is meant by this
Arwen is of Aerosmith 
Onyx next to amethyst 
Shall my shadow lightness kiss
Balance both and blend them with
Sophia Christ consciousness 
Misogynist and misandrist
Neither of these will exist
We will work into oneness
Holy love is what this is

A Vow

Two hands that pray, a steeple make
Combine with mine in patty cake 
Four lips that kiss, relieve an ache
Then speak, complete a vow they take 
To mix, uplift, and elevate
Enhance with dance and celebrate
One web, love spreads and replicates
Two souls they grow and so vibrate
Sky high, goodbye to retrograde
Move forth, reward and motivate

Monday, June 6, 2022

Love so Loud

Sun that burns so bright he bakes
Eyes that smile so hard he aches
Fire inside this soul so great
Gets on stage and levitates
Love so loud my speakers break
So cute kundalini wakes
Vibe so high a mountain makes
Boy so big I can't escape
Court adjourned, I rest my case

Friday, June 3, 2022

Also Alice

Beatific, edge of cliff
Glancing back at an abyss 
Leave a life and be in bliss
Jump and tumble to Uncas
Always I remember this
Also I have been Alice
She is part of my purpose 
All is in me regardless 
I keep on and carry with

This Time

Highest vibe of every sign
I will reach each one of mine
Strip your dick and serpent spine
Unrelenting, I unwind
Ruthless in my riddle rhyme
Blow your load and fucking mind
Business, is this? Dotted line
Watch me see it through this time

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

World I Walk

Lantern lit with introspect 
Be beside my silhouette 
See me through my sun that sets
Let my moon my moods reset
Rain my pain and whistle wet
Breeze I speak and peace project
Love I feel to lift, protect
World I walk will this reflect