Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Tim, Tim, hands that spin
Pretty Virgo, blonde and thin
Didn't want it, never meant
To have joined the club he's in
Wishes now to make amends
Seek another religion
One in which he's innocent 
As the children he defends
Because he was one of them
Wakes up to this news and then
Removed from this dimension 
Blame is on his addiction 
That is not the case, my friends
He asks that you please listen
A Better Day can still begin


Overcome with wanderlust 
Venus in the 9th and must
Move like Sagittarius 
Disappear into the dusk
Leave them longing in his dust
Not that he dislikes them, but
Feels the wheels will gather rust
On his life and magic bus
Love and travel are combust
He must meet a girl who just
Understands and earn her trust

Watched Pot

It's said a watched pot will not boil
A stared at snake shall not uncoil
A maiden here with soul of royal
Unto my path and purpose loyal
I've watered, daughtered, mothered soil
And to my tin man given oil
His heart a part of why I toil
What waits for me will not be foiled

Watch This

Imagine a Neptunian
Surrounded by good influence
And rather than go down in ruin
Would know there's nothing that she couldn't
Say and do and dream and wouldn't 
Lock her coffin, rot in wooden
Boxes, watch this, she'll eschew them
Chase a star into Jerusalem 
Align her kind through intuition 
See her soul through to fruition 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Every Word

Like a mother giving birth
May I beautify the earth
Honor fire, wind, and surf
Melody of mockingbird 
Every baby, lady, sir
Should they somehow be unsure
May I show them what they're worth
Bring them merriment and mirth
Spider, cider, whey and curd
May I share all I've procured
With my every single word
May I love and may I serve

Monday, March 28, 2022

Christina Contending

A seagoat ascending
A lion presenting
In front orienting 
Protecting, preventing 
An artist inventing
Inspiring, extending 
Supportive at friending
Forever, unending
She's never relenting 
Christina contending 

This Child

God give this child her wings
Lift her up above these things
These outrageous arrows, slings
Of misfortune life may bring
Swaddle her in serene scenes 
Send her sweet angels to sing
Show her all her might and means
Her blue skies of wiser beings
Help her fly to find her dreams 
God please give this child her wings

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Send her extra love and help
For the sun is in her 12th 
Despite inner whim and wealth
Amanda doesn't know herself 
Learns from Virgos, we who spell
Out her issues all too well
(Is there nothing we won't tell?)
Date of birth does not exist
3 of 4, she is a myth
Leap year princess with a wish
To traverse this earthy ish
Packaged in a Pisces fish
Swimming in our fish and chips
Surfing with a turfy dish
Listening to our bullet lists
It's how she will conquer this

Saturday, March 26, 2022


My father could fix you, he has a green thumb
I'm sorry I overly watered you some
I wanted to love you, 'cause you're #1
At making my place feel incredibly fun
Like I am Apollo and playing the sun
By smiling and shining upon everyone 
You pay me in petals with colors that run
And fill up the cracks in the breaking I've done
With fragrance and radiant styles that stun
I forget to worry and think of problems
Your presence's a lesson, a beautiful one
So thank you for taking my invitation

Water Way

Where there's water, there's a way
Gentle winds that swim and sway
Moon to move our moods and waves
Ships to sail and reeds to play
Sand on which to sit and lay
Dollars of them for to pay
Things with wings that bathe in bays
Seals and eels who've come to play
Sea urchin and undine fae
Shells held to your ear that say
They were home to crab and cray
Now they're here and on display
Blessed are we to share this day

Friday, March 25, 2022

Open Heart

Silver star and lily white
Replace my gate with pearly light
Scarlet sun and pink kunzite
Beautiful as you and bright
Neither fence nor sword in sight
Done defending, I invite
You into my world of might
Love is fuel and we don't fight
Knife each other or backbite
Words are cures and all I write
Speak and think and then recite
Filled with will to make it right
Clear as tears and like lucite
Open up my heart tonight

Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Fog

You close your heart and fog rolls in
I'm whipped by wicked northern winds
The ones of what it could have been
Our ocean's temperature descends
It seizes up my lungs and limbs
My eyes and whys, it covers them
I cannot feel to float nor swim
And neither do I want to then
I'm praying, saying make this end
But I keep washing up again

Moon in Me

A full moon in me
Insane basically 
Up on Mercury
So myopically
I've Too Much to Think
And not any peace
If I could just grieve 
I'd ship out to sea

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Quiet One

Watch out for the quiet one
A gently weeping coming sun
With something in the way he's done
Who shared his girl with one Clapton
The one who isn't Paul or John
Who tells you to keep moving on
Within so many words through song
Sweet on our Lord, don't get him wrong
A silent type is just as strong

Die Dreaming

I penned this when I was 14
It seems I said the following
Although she doesn't care for me
(Apparently, allegedly)
I miss my mom tremendously 
And any trace of sanity
How will I face humanity
Or fit into society
Is there a place for mermaiding
Will I find friends, a fairy king
So now I find it interesting 
I stood for nothing, settling
Aborting and abandoning
My drive to ever find these things
So midway through incarnating 
I choose to follow my own dreams
And if it nothing ever brings
We all die, and I'll go trying 


Be like water, swim with me
Shed your scales through alchemy
Spin your skin in hijiki 
Listen, wish in shells at sea
Speak directly to the breeze
Walk up stairs that wind to be
Guiding light through storms that beams
Both the lighthouse and the keep
You're the shore and shipwreckee 
Learn, in turn, you're rescuing 


Rainwater Jim, was my father's friend
I remember animals surrounding him
Kid goats in gardens, and peacocks in pens
They'd chase us and race us when visiting them
Just 42 when, Jim left here again
A part of his heart must have closed or broken
In heaven to mend, through showers he sends
His eccentric friendship and good-natured grin

Monday, March 14, 2022

Watch my Wings

In your chariot traveling 
Evening driving to your dream
When we're dancing, watch my wings
Don't clip them so I won't leave 
Bend them in so I'm not free
Remember why you wanted me
Lilith loved him before Eve
And she did it powerfully 

Meet your Mermaid

Ebb and flow, come and go
Elevate, expand, and grow
Soft and slow, melting snow
Ursula in undertow
Orinoco into know
Ocean of already so
Meet your mermaid Miss Cleo

Brown Bear

Brown bear
Virgo there 
Analyzing everywhere
Kind stare
Gentle air
Service to us shows he cares
Soft words
For this bird
Learn to laugh when life's not fair
Earth friend
From my wind
I come down to George's lair

Warlock Nick

My high school friend and warlock Nick
We're buddies, studying things mystic 
He's pulling cards for me, this chick
And puzzled when presented with
10 court cards up inside this bitch
"Where are the cups and wands with wicks?"
"The pentacles and swords that switch"
"I shuffled 45 minutes"
I put it to him here like this
I've mentioned that I'm majestic
I do not deal with plebs and pricks
But run with suns and goddesses
The news for you that's awesome is
You must be just as much as sick

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Spider Rival

All court cards in my Celtic cross
Half belong to my ex boss
Anubis, Horus, Atum, Thoth
Egyptian, slythrin, sexy god
Whomever that he was, we fought
I believe twas me who lost
Back again and in my thoughts  
Shows up sick as hell and hot 
Resist this power trip? I'm not
My spider, rival, I've been caught